"My name's Hiccup. Great name, I know. But, it's not the worst. Parents believe a hideous name will frighten off gnomes and trolls. Like our charming Viking demeanor wouldn't do that."

Independent, multi-shipping RP blog.
Default RP style is 1st person, but will RP in 3rd on request.
Over 18.
OTPs: Hijack, Hiccstrid, Stalka, Merricup, etc.
Willing to RP dark themes, if properly tagged and discussed privately beforehand.
Face: /tagged/ginger


To my RPers,

You guys all drowned in my sea of mobile notifications. Reblog your replies if I haven’t already replied, yes?(: and if it’s long could you cut the thread? Like I said before, I can’t cut threads on mobile. ):

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